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After Dinner Drinks

After Dinner Drinks & Desserts

Capt. Anderson's offers a variety of wonderful after dinner drinks and desserts.

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After Dinner Drinks & Desserts

  Caramel Pecan Pie
  Peanut Butter Pie
  Coconut Cream
  Creme Brulee
  Florentine Cup
  Feud Cake
  Strawberry Cheesecake
  Plain Cheesecake
  Chocolate Silk Pie
  Key Lime Pie

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  Espresso Short: $ 2.50

  A single demitasse of Espresso coffee, black, usually drunk with sugar.

  Espresso Long: $ 2.50

  A large serving of Espresso coffee, black, usually with sugar.

  Caffe Latte: $ 2.75

  A single serving of Espresso topped with creamy steamed milk. Great with a flavor.

  Cappuccino: $ 2.75

   A single serving of Espresso topped with thick  frothed milk. Great with a flavor.

  Café Americana: $ 2.75

  A full bodied cup of coffee, starting with a  single serving of Espresso.

Flavors available -Vanilla, Amaretto, and Hazelnut - $ .50

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Dessert Wines


Dolce, Napa Valley Late Harvest Dessert Wine 1994


  Sweet, rich complex honey, pear, fig nectarine  and peach flavors lead to a concentrated aftertaste that echoes   ultra ripe fruit. (375ml)

  695 Sandeman LBV 1994 (GL) $ 8

  Rich concentration of cherry and plumb flavors   with an intensely long finish.

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  Bin No.    


Louis XIII

(Undoubtedly The World’s Finest) Aged 40 to 100 Years

  274 Grand Marnier 150
Aged up to 50 Years

$ 15.00
  1117 Remy XO
Aged up to 35 Years

$ 12.95
  1116 Remy VSOP

$ 7.95
  150 Courvoisier VSOP

$ 7.95
  1686 Courvoisier Initiale Extra

$ 20.00
  1684 Courvoisier XO

$ 12.95
  1685 Courvoisier Napoleon

$ 9.95
  969 Martel VSOP

$ 7.95

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