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Seafood Species

Seafood Species

Here at Capt. Anderson's we're proud of the Panama City Beach area, and the fishing industry that supports our restaurant. So we'd like you to explore the area, "virtually" meet a few of the fishermen, and learn more about the fish in our Panama City Beach front waters!

  Seafood Species  
        Blue Crab
      Rock Shrimp
      Stone Crab
      Yellowfin Tuna
      Golden Crab
      Red Snapper
      Spiny Lobster
      Hard Clam


Panama City Beach is 27 miles of sugar-white sand beaches with dozens of first-class attractions, world famous nightclubs, unbelievable fishing and boating opportunities, and a host of other indoor and outdoor activities! Click here to learn everything you need to know about Panama City Beach!

Learn about Panama City Beach's Gulf Coast fishing industry in this entertaining, informative video. Just click here to get started.

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